Found Patterns…

Found Patterns:

Inspired by the work of David Batchelor in particular his “Found Monochromes” series, I thought about constructing a similar study, linking it with my drawing project I wanted to collect multiple images of patterns I found in the everyday. What I mean by patterns in this case are repeated elements that combine to create a series. I do not know what the product of this study will be whether it is a number of printed photographs, contact sheets or a video projection.

For this I have had my camera with me at all times looking for “patterns” like I described. I had to consider the framing of the shot, getting the “pattern” to fill the whole shot, with lines of the pattern parallel to the bottom or the side of the shot. It took me a while to figure this out so there are many test shots that don’t fit.


This is an example of a shot that I do not want, yes it is a “pattern” but the shot is not lined up correctly and the “pattern” is not linear.


This is an example of the layout of the shot I want. I noticed that a number of the images looked “grid” like, potentially I would focus on found “grids” to make it more specific.


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