Tests for London Exhibition.

Tests for London Exhibition.

I tried using normal staples but the quality is no the same, they are not as reflective, or as strong. They are reasonably solid when they are simply in a line formation but when they are in a “brick” formation they become quite flimsy and break apart. The only advantage is that they are cheaper but that is not really a sacrifice I want to make.


Going back to the 140 series 8mm staple, the problem came with the glue that I use to stick them together, I found that all purpose glue worked a lot better than UHU glue which took ages to dry. Also I need to be careful with the way I glue them together so that the glue is not visible on close inspection it jars with the perception of the piece. I found that the sections were getting quite heavy so I have worked out that I should make 14 panels of the same size and fit them together at the galley.



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