James Hockey Revised Proposal

James Hockey Revised Proposal.

I found out that my proposal for the James Hockey Gallery has been accepted, I had a meeting with Grant talking about what I intended to do, how it could be achieved and the space in the gallery where my work would most likely occupy. I had no idea how big the space really was the walls on the right (where my piece will be) are 18ft tall with a balcony above. Grant said that my work would have to be big in order to make an impact and not get engulfed by the space. Also Grant told me about the plans they had to cover the windows on the opposite wall with coloured acetate which would change the lighting in the gallery and shine coloured light onto the wall where my work would hang. I think this would be interesting due to the reflective nature of the staples the coloured light would interact with the piece. I think that the light would have more of an impact if the rows of staples were closer together. So I have altered my proposal to accommodate this, it is now my intention to have 6 strips of 12ft close together at about head height or lower.



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