London Exhibition Proposal

London Exhibition Proposal.

For the London exhibition I want to continue working with staple there are so many possible way that the stacks can fit together and that is something I wist to explore in the build up to this exhibition. My proposal for this exhibition is similar to the proposal I submitted for the James Hockey Gallery. This time I intend to fit the staples together in a sort of “brick” like formation, making a more dense mass rather than the delicate strips proposed for the James Hockey Gallery. The structure has nods to “the grid” idea especially as I intend to fit the staples together to form a large square of roughly human hight. The idea of human hight came about because of the reflective nature of the material, the work works like a mirror reflecting the viewer and their surroundings as distorted shapes and muted colours. This creates and individual experience for the viewer depending on the point of viewing, lighting in the gallery and even the colour cloths that they are wearing. In this piece I wanted to try and look at the material collapse of the object.

There are many things that I need to consider before installing the work, the way the piece is fixed to the wall. My intention is to use large hooks or nails but this does put a lot of pressure on the top row of staples. i may have to rethink this idea. Also will the glue hold on a larger scale? The piece should be made in sections for easy transport to London. Another thing that I need to consider a little more is where the piece sits on the wall, I intend to have it just slightly above the ground, this depends on if the Gallery has skirting boards or not. This is in order to take in the entirety of the human form as well as the fact that the floor is the “logical starting point for a vertical axis”-Srin


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