James Hockey Gallery Proposal.

James Hockey Gallery Proposal.

I am focusing largely on materiality order and repetition of the everyday/ the ordinary. In particular stationary and items found in an office/ work environment. Looking at the idea of raising the status of the materials/objects by transforming them into intricate, “beautiful” structures and patterns then displaying them in a gallery context.

Repetition is key to the work, for the proposal I wish to create a vast wall based sculpture made up of staple “stacks”, joined together and alternated so that they link and form a line. Ideally i would like to cover a wall with these lines of staple “stacks” with gaps between each line lengthways of the hight of the “stacks”.

I intend to glue the “stacks” together in this alternating formation, each stack is approximately 3 inches by ½ an inch. The structure should be quite lightweight so I intend to either glue it to the wall or hold it in place with small nails or hooks at regular intervals. For the installation of the work I would need a ladder a hammer and probably another pair of hands.


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