2 hour project… (3.01.15)

During this 2 hour project I decided to move away from the paperclips at least for the time being (as there are still elements that I wish to explore and resolve. Still concentrating on the everyday, readily available and throw away in particular stationary. Staples were a material that interested me to work with, they have similarities to paperclips materially and tonally. Also I wanted keep with the repetition and pattern achieved by the paperclips.

I looked at various artists and artwork, in particular “the grid” by Rosalind Krauss. I am particularly interested in the repetition/ pattern and density of the image. Material wise I was inspired by images of portraits and figures created using staples, however I did not want to create figures, but focus more on the “the line” and pattern.

I think what was successful about the exercise/ the work I created was the materiality and repetitive nature of the staples themselves. Similar to the paperclips with the bright shiny metal contrasting with the white of the wall. It was very difficult to create form with the staples and great care had to be taken when stapling in order to create a straight line or pattern. This took various practice attempts, and for this reason the project became more about experimenting and learning about the material than actually creating a finished piece. I encountered problems like the staples not going in straight and staples not going in at all. However I found that this was possibly the most interesting part of the work, adding interest to the work. The staples at angles disrupted the order and uniformity of the repetitive line and the indents made by the staples that did not take creates indents like whispers/ traces, a missing link, similar to missing a link when stitching or knitting.

I found that it was easier to create a straight line downwards so I played with the idea of a continuous line fitting with the idea of “drawing” , could link it to my drawing project. Playing with the boundaries and restrictions of the “canvas” in this case the wall of the studio. I wanted to go beyond the boundaries created by the wall, so I continued along the floor. I had no idea if the staples would work going into the floor, or what they would look like if they did. The outcome was very individual, each staple warped/ distorted in a different was, some did not even take, creating crater like holes in the floor others did take but at different depths creating different hight of staple. The staples being silver did not show up to well on the grey floor of the studio, what is more obvious is the marks that they made in the floor. I wonder what removing the staples would do? Would it create a trace like indent in the floor and walls only noticeable to those who know of its presence? The subtlety of this might be interesting to look in to.

I could look at artists that create more subtle work like Susan Collis as well as artists that create interventions directly into spaces. Moving forward I want to continue exploring the material and the idea of the trace left by actions.


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