Linear Gallery…

Linear Gallery

Moving on from the third exhibition I was asked to present my work in the “Linear Gallery”. Grant wanted me to break up the work and explore a new way of presenting the work. The first thing that I had to do was to decide where to break the chain apart. I played around with cutting an image of the chainmail into sections. I worked best breaking the chain mail at each nail in the wall. I think this is because I made the piece in sections and the nails in the wall marked each section.


Initially I planned to hang each section on the wall spread from corner to corner with a gap of like an inch or so between each section. Hanging on nails in a similar formation to that of the initial whole piece. However whilst breaking the chain mail apart I hang each section by one point on a nail in a line and this created an interesting shadow on the wall which looked much more interesting than my initial idea.


When hanging the work in the “linear Gallery” I decided to hang the sections on bigger nails so the could not slip off and too support the weight as there was only one point of contact. I resemble material or a garment hanging on a hook. Like a kitchen towel or jumper.


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