Third exhibition.

Third Exhibition…

I found the set up for this exhibition very different to the last two, maybe because my work was not video based this time and on a much larger scale to my previous work. As a group in our space whilst working towards the exhibition we found that our work was very complementary of each other, and worked well together in the space once we had painted and sanded. This is something that was picked up on in the crits, highlighting the materiality of our work.


The Crits themselves were very helpful, giving me a platform to build on. Before the exhibition I felt like this piece of work was pretty much resolved and all I really wanted to do was play with scale and possibility lighting of the piece. Whilst talking to people during the set up of the exhibition and in crits more possibilities have been uncovered and I am excited to explore the possibilities surrounding them. Key themes and ideas included the likes of movement due to the folds of the “fabric”, playing with the positive and negative space created by the pattern, the resemblance of certain sections to cityscapes, the latices of ancient Egyptian garments and knights chain mail..



I have realized that I have far from exhausted the possibilities of the paperclip. I am excited about exploring these things I the upcoming weeks.

Moving on there are things I wish to resolve about the presentation of piece I exhibited in this exhibition. Should I display my work on the wall? So that it reads like a drawing? Should it be in one piece? Should it be wrapped or draped like a garment? I have been given the opportunity to display my work in the linear gallery so these are things that I can play with whilst deciding how to display the work for that exhibition.


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