I wanted to look at the places in the mind, and for this to become a personal project almost a self portrait through representations of my thoughts. I started by drawing a simple outline of a generic brain, at this stage it could belong to anybody. then every morning midday and evening I would add a “doodle” to the inside of the brain (following the folds) depicting what I was thinking of doing or just a random object or thing that sprang to mind.

I wanted this to be a continuous project so what you see at the moment is not the finished product and the drawing will develop and change over time just like my memories and thoughts. When the drawing is complete the image of the brain may not be totally recognizable as only the outline will remain.

It became quite difficult to always add to the drawing at these times as the paper is quite big and not easily transported, so I had to settle with writing what I was doing or thinking at these moments on a piece of paper and adding it to the drawing later.

I really like the mono tone as although the world is in colour we as a society tend to see things as either black or white. I also like how the parts of the doodles that go over the outline of the brain are  in pencil these could represent fading memories.

I think that i should have documented each time that I added to them, to show the progression.

DSC_0544 DSC_0551


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