Process….(developed idea)

The idea was to immortalize to some extent a still for the video I made:

The white against the white background makes the instillation very clinical in appearance, the use of the same colour i find makes it very powerful and really highlights the differences in texture. The modrock has a “wet” effect even though it is bone dry this makes the piece look more fluid and gives the impression of it being temporary. The installation works very well along side the video and stills as a collection. the fact that I chose the corner to create my installation around makes the piece come forward and it is not lost against the wall.

I would have liked to get the modrock smoother, to mimic the smoothness of the white tack, and I think that it would make the piece flow better. However I do think the different textures are very interesting particularly in the detail photographs I have taken. Ideally I would have liked to make the piece bigger and possibly make a series however time and money meant that I could not achieve this. I also thought that I could experiment using light to see in it casts any interesting shadows.



One thought on “Process….(developed idea)

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  1. The video you have created is extremely hypnotic and relaxing, i felt the blu-tac video showed a representation of building and releasing tension as you pull it apart.
    The use of mod-rock is very clever, I like how you’ve draped it to look wet and weak when it has actually dried stiff and solid but kept a delicate composition.

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