Drawing workshop Day 2…

For this workshop we were asked to make a machine, I took apart an old wind up toy and spent some time designing a drawing machine around it this is what I came up with.


To see the drawing machine at work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXH6cESswGI&feature=youtu.be

I really like the first “drawing” I did, the cylinder was bigger so when I undid the paper the “drawing” was longer and thinner. However I did have to move the machine around so it came into contact with the paper.I like the photographs of the “drawings” more than the “drawings” themselves because when I photographed them I left them in the cylinder shape and I think the black against the white is very powerful and I really like the spiral effect you get when looking at it from certain angles because of the double line.

I did have various technical difficulties, things that worked on paper did not when it came to practice. The machine kept getting tangled and stopped working a few times as the paintbrush was too heavy.



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