Process….(initial idea)

I initially wanted to look at the process of creating an image. Primarily the building up of various layers and textures. What if the outcome for this piece of work was not just one image or painting but a series of images depicting the stages in the process that was used to create that final image. I don’t know yet if this documentation would be in the form of photographs taken at stages, perhaps including text or whether after each stage the painting or image is left and a new one created to include the next layer. Another possibility is to depict each stage/layer on acetate or tracing paper. I like the idea that the final image or painting is not the only thing that is seen, and the process becomes the artwork as well. The idea came to me looking at Oscar Munoz’s work in particular his piece “Serie de 12 fotografías sobre papel” documenting the destruction of an image, but as the title was process I thought that I could reverse that idea and document the construction of an image. I really like the way in which he exhibits and presents his work with a mixture of work on walls and tables.

Possible media and processes I have considered include, lino cut prints as I think that this would be an effective way of depicting each layer separately, cut out paper (or other material possibly fabric), painting (a sort of painting by numbers one colour or shade at a time) probably in the style of someone like Andy Warhol or David Hockney, minimal colours or shades in blocks. Would I leave in the numbers and/or construction lines? I could also make the image a photograph, building up the scene shot by shot.

Could the experimentation of media become part of the finished piece?

Does the documentation have to be in order?

What will be the subject matter? At the moment I am thinking a landscape as the composition of a landscape lends itself to the idea of layers, with the background and foreground.


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