We were asked to take a postcard from Farnham and one from Venice and join them to make a piece of work to be displayed in “CASE” working with the fine art degree students. I thought that the postcard we were given from Farnham was very touristy, which I found ironic as I would not really consider Farnham as a tourist destination, so when it came to picking the postcard from Venice I decided to stick with the theme of the fake over edited images to link the two.

I was stuck at first as what to make, I thought that I could make a globe like structure to symbolize the world and different cultures.

The strips allowed me to interchange the different postcards so the image could still be viewed on on the outside one on the inside. This representing the distance between the two places (geographically and culturally).

What worked well?

I really liked this piece the simplicity worked really well the uniform strips at regular intervals made it very geometric I think simulating the longitudinal lines of a map or glob of the earth. The interchanging images worked well adding a different tone and texture to the piece showing the back of the postcard.

What did not work?

Because the card of the postcard is quite thick when the strips overlapped it distorted the shape of the sphere a bit. I think this could be overcome by alternating the strips out of order and ordering once assembled.


I could write on the back of the post card to add a personal touch.

What have I learnt?

I learnt that you really need to consider the placement of your work in the gallery space, and how it interacts with other pieces. It was interesting to work with the degree students as that is what I will be doing next year, and it was nice to talk to the members of the different years and hear about their experiences and opportunities. Because the gallery space was really small the placement of our work was important so that everything complimented each other. I found that the general colour scheme and scale of the pieces was quite similar so the work well as a whole, but if you were to place your work in an obscure place it may not be that easy to see and could be look over.

Going to the private view was really good as I got to see the final product of what we had been doing. As I spent a lot of the time on this project just creating my own little piece not really considering what it would look like as part of an exhibition. If I had I wonder if I would have done anything differently?



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