I think that the process of cutting out the continuous lines of a drawing to create a cut out drawing worked really well. It was fiddly and took some time to get used to the technique, what to cut out and what to leave? But I think the overall result works really well, the white “drawing” against the black backgrounds creates a striking contrast that really makes the “drawing” stand out, giving the impression of it being 3D. I think that the fact I did three “drawings” of decreasing detail worked really well as it simulated the fading of an icon.

I had difficulties mounting the drawing onto the black paper as glue was too fiddly and spray mount did not stick very well and came away in places.

I think that the general idea came across when viewed for the crit. People seemed to get the fact that it portrayed the fading of an icon. The initial idea of the identifier became lost but the underlying theme was still there.

The initial layout I chose did not really complement the theme, I should have spent more time looking at and considering the possibilities before deciding on a layout.


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