30 seconds 1 cut…

The point of this workshop was to explore the idea of performance art and video. I had never really considered doing performance art or thought of it in connection with fine art. This workshop opened my eyes to the to the possibility of performance art and certainly the use of videos as an aid to or a part of an exhibition. The fact that we could only film it once and that it was only 30 seconds long, really made you thin about the content. The limited time meant you needed to get the point across in a short space of time so it has to considered carefully.

I found it hard initially to come up with an idea the theme being self the initial thought was for it to be a video of me. However I did not like the idea of being in front of the camera. So I tried to come up with ways of representing my-“self”. The class mind map session really helped, I liked the idea of being represented through images. But what images? I thought I could do a “draw my life” type thing but that has been done before and would be difficult to pull of in only 30 seconds. I then thought of printed images placed onto the table, I was limited to the images and photography I could access at the time, these included images from Facebook, twitter and my phone.

I thought the images on my phone were quite interesting as there were images that I would not ordinarily share, as they seem pointless or not relevant. This included images of documents and notes I wanted to remember as well as photography and screenshots of moments linking to a joke or particular moment. I felt that these images were more true to who was as they were not limited or restricted by the idea of the “world” seeing them.

I printed all these photos of without exception with the idea of placing them one by one into the shot. This became difficult as it took too long. So I decided to just throw the photographs onto the paper.


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