Person Project…

The brief for this three week project was “Person”; I found this challenging at first as the term was so broad and could be applied to almost anything.  However once I had brainstormed possible ideas and ways of achieving them, it became clear where to go next.  The broadness of the brief really allowed me to explore the word and derive different meanings from the word rather than the obvious themes stemming from the word “person”.

I started developing with the idea of individuality and standing out from the crowd, and after a few quick sketches of crowds I noticed that people tended to stand out if they had particular features like glasses of a hat or certain hair style. This lead me consider the idea that some people become there “identifier” their glasses or hairstyle becomes specific to them and what people see and how they describe them. This led me to think of how this is true of certain well known “iconic” people, (Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, etc…) are remembered for their “iconic” image above other things. I thought this was sad as they all in their own right impacted the world in other ways that should be there primary identifier not their features.


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