For this workshop I basically just emptied my pockets and my bag, and found that I had a large number of train tickets backdating for months. I thought that they represented me very well as I spend what seems like a significant portion of my life on the train. I often get board on these journeys and when I get board I tend to fiddle with bits of paper absentmindedly. Which is exactly what I did with the tickets whilst I was thinking about what to do with them.

I just let my subconscious fiddle with the tickets and soon I found myself slotting them together to make a cube. I think that the idea of playing with the tickets out of boardom is quite ironic as you can’t do that on the train as you can’t damage your ticket or else it wont work however immediately after that journey the ticket becomes useless for it purpose.

I proceeded with the idea of making a cube, I really liked how each face of the cube represents a different day in my life none of which are particularly special or note worth but none the less important to me and my life.

Ihad some tickets left over but no enough to make another cube the same size so I decided to make one half the size. To add contrast I decided to make this cube with the front of the card facing inwards. I really liked the way the two cubes interact with each other, there are endless possibilities in the ways they can be arranged just like the endless possibilities in life.




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