The Museum of…

I found this workshop very interesting, I had never really considered making an installation before. The fact that we were in a group made it much easier to start generating ideas. We were lucky as we came to a decision about the concept of our museum quite quickly. Our museum was based around a photograph of an old man and a poem about an old man that had  died called “Mr Bleaney” (which became the title of our museum). The poem worked really well as a foundation for the museum, like the poem we wanted our museum to leave the viewer with unanswered questions about this man.

I think that we achieved this very well, with the placement of objects and the tags . The tags were ambiguous as their did not give much away about the object only left more questions. We wanted the audience to make up their own mind about what had happened to Mr Bleaney. I particularly like the detail of the unfinished diary entry, the sole picture and the hidden box of children’s drawings and toys. All these objects give an incite to the mans life and i think that it leaves the  viewer feeling sorry for this fictional character.

We carefully considered the layout and placement of the objects. The use of the corner  worked really well at the scene draws you in and you forget about your surroundings. I think that the addition of the text being projected onto the scene ties the poem into the  museum and gives a ghostly feel to the whole thing


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