Visual Communication Rotation (Week beginning 14th October)

I found the format to this week very different to the other weeks. It was more structured and I found that helpful, sticking to the tasks. We started by identifying stories in news that came under certain headings. Then picking one that interested us and selecting eight sentences form the article. I chose to do the  story of  “Sebastian Vettel winning the Japanese Grand Prix and closing in on championship victory” I have always been interested in motor sports and I felt that my knowledge of the sport would be useful in creating my final outcome.

We then chose words from those sentences to write using typography to emphasis there meanings. I found this challenging as it was easy to slip into using the same fonts over and over again. I tried to really consider the sentences and the importance of the words within it. I thought that I created some interesting texts; I especially like the “Power Boost” using the comic style font for the “power”. I think that this worked really well the reds, yellows and blacks all being colours associated with power. I also liked the sentence: “there seems no way of stopping him”, I liked the boldness of the “stopping” using reversing out in red with the edges being untidy and loose,  the colour red is obviously associated with stopping an the whiteness of the  text mimics the colours of a STOP road sign. Also the increase in size of the “no way” emphasises the statement.

The next day we were shown ways of collaging I really liked how simply and easily you could get an effective image with just a few cuts.  We then incorporated these techniques into making 16 images. I used a variety of materials and techniques and I got some very interesting images. I particularly like the drawings I did with my left hand as they are looser and there is a much wider range of marks than I get with my right hand.

On Thursday we had a bookmaking workshop, we were shown how to make various types of books, my favourite being the hidden book/instant book, as I really liked how you could get different images depending on how you folded the paper.

I chose to do this book on Friday as I wanted to create the “hidden” images. I made a mock up using photocopies of my 16 images form Tuesday and sticking them onto white paper. I decided to arrange the images on the paper so when the book was opened up they formed a chequered flag like the finishing flag of a Grand Prix. This kind of worked but is not all that obvious as when I added the text it distorted the “flag”. When it came to the text I only decided to uses the one sentence “there seems no way of stopping him” it acted as a sort of slogan summing up the story of the book.  Other than the “stopping” the only other thing that was in colour was the map of the course that I drew on the inside of the book which spanned four page and could be opened to reveal a drawing of Sebastian Vettel holding the cup. The image was an enlargement of one I drew on the Tuesday; I really like the grainy effect that gave the image. Even though I only planned to have the one piece of text I added “3 times World Champion going on 4” I think that it needed it as there was too much negative space.

I then double side photocopied the mock up and cleaned it up in order to make it look more professional and then folded and cut it into the book shape. I am really pleased with the final outcome as I think that it clearly conveys the story from the original article. This was confirmed in our feedback session as she managed to get the story without me telling her. If I had time I would like to have cleaned up the image a bit more.

P1020768     P1020770    P1020772     P1020774


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