3DD Rotation (Week beginning 7th October)

This week we were asked to create a product in response to a crisis. When researching designers as a starting point for this project I came across the French designer Olivia Decaris, and her product in the “crisis shop.” She created a expandable folder, I really like the  simplicity of the design and the redesigning of a common object, although the crisis was not a world wide crisis, her product responded to a personal crisis of the lack of space. I  also came across Italian designer Paolo Ulian who has designed a number of products including double ended matches, bath matt slippers and edible thimbles that allow you to dip or finger into your favourite spread and then eat the biscuit thimble coated in spread. I especially liked the double ended matches, again the simplicity of the idea and the idea of improving an original without the object loosing its identity.

This lead me to consider responding to an everyday problem which although not a crisis to everyone could become a crisis at the wrong time for an individual. I started by brainstorming common everyday problems but I soon found that most of them already had solutions. So then I brain stormed things that annoyed me. The two main problems (crisis) that I came up with were the lack of pockets when wearing  leggings (most of the time) and not wanting to carry around a bag all the time. And the fact that I always lost socks in the wash. After quick designs I decided to work on a “Portable Pocket” which developed through sketches and brainstorms to a piece of jewellery that contained the essentials, money, contact numbers and  even a house key. I wanted the jewellery not to be obvious what it contained,and simple.

I created a model out paper and masking tape, with the idea of creating it in either metal or plastic, however when in the workshop it became clear that with the time available it was not possible so I decided to make a neater accurate model out of paper and glue that I strung on a chain I had.

I am please with the product I think that if it could be made it would address the “crisis” well, however I think that the idea could have been developed more to incorporate more essentials. I think that is considered the size of the jewellery carefully so that the object it would contain fit well and that it has the potential for realisation for holding necessities at festivals or nights out when you don’t want to have a bag, and need a secure place for you essentials.

This we has shown  me the importance of having lots of  ideas to develop so that you don’t get hung up on just one idea and are stuck is it goes wrong or you encounter an unexpected problem. I was surprised at how much my idea changed and developed from my  initial ideas.


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