Fashion Rotation (Week beginning 23rd September)

For the first pathway rotation (fashion) we were asked to create a body adornment in response to an irreversible environmental disaster, showcasing how the people of the world adapted/evolved to survive. First we had to come up with a concept of a disaster and  how it affected the people of the world. We started by brainstorming possible disasters.

I really liked the idea of technology getting too advanced for us, and so decided to research into that further, looking at films, TV shows and  books along the same lines, including   George Orwell’s, “1984” and the films“I Robot” and “Iron Man”.

I was inspired by our trip to the “Memory Palace” exhibition at the V&A in particular the piece  by Nemo Tral depicting London broken and deserted, with famous buildings from the Olympics in ruins. I thought I could use this as a backdrop for my disaster. I liked how something that was once great, has fallen and become forgotten which mimics the way the human race falls in the wake of machines taking over.

Another part of the exhibition that stood out to me was  a quote written on the wall from the book, “we pick about for things we can use…”  I liked the idea that humans pick up and use bits of disgarded technology to survive and form weapons, even using parts of disused robots. This reminded me of the “Borg” from “Star Trek (The Next Generation)” and how they were part human part machine. So in trying to defeat the machines/robots the humans in turn could become machine.

Once I had collected references I developed three mood board showing the environment, potential threats and potential ideas for adornments.

Environment mood board

Mood board              Mood Board

In designing the  body adornment I though about what Jane Doe would need, how she would travel and what materials would be available to her. I also looked at exoskeletons, full body  and partial body exoskeletons for humans as well as exoskeletons of insects. I came across a designer Janina Alleyne who created shoes inspired by insect exoskeletons. I really like the idea and incorporated this idea into my design.


My final design was an arm brace with a protective shoulder pad and detachable rifle.


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